Kiwi Explorers ECE

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7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Kiwi Explorers EEC

Rebecca Dudley Centre Owner / Manager / ECE Teacher

A qualified, fully certificated teacher, Rebecca manages both the Kiwi Explorers Centre and the Little Kiwi Explorers Centre. You will also find her working with the children. Rebecca has worked in early childhood education since 1995. Rebecca has an affinity for running a respectful centre where the teachers all feel like part of an extended whanau and love their jobs at Kiwi or Little Kiwi. This then reflects in the respectful relationships that Rebecca forms with all whanau who enrol their children at the centre. She works very hard at making things work for all the whanau who wish to enrol their children and makes sure things work for their families and their lives as well as what they need. Rebecca has experience in managing an ECE Centre in North West Auckland and has worked with all age groups previously to opening and running Kiwi Explorers Early Education Centre.

Bevan Dudley Centre Owner / Director

Bevan is very busy behind the scenes at Kiwi Explorers, as a director he manages all the accounts and works with the accountants.  Bevan has a background in alternative education and also the police force. Bevan has a genuine passion for the well being and education of the community. As well as the work he does at Kiwi Explorers, He also loves the outdoors and does a lot of mountain bike riding and exploring and inspires his family with his interests.


Cath Wikaira Centre Supervisor / ECE Teacher

Cath is a qualified, fully certificated teacher, Cath has over 28 years ECE experience and is very keen to share her skills and knowledge with the Kiwi Explorers team. She likes to play and watch sports and especially enjoys watching her children play sports. Cath works alongside Bex in the office helping do all the paperwork that we need done and finds this a very interesting and inspiring role. She loves to learn more about early childhood and the new Ministry of Education and Teaching Council regulations and requirements that are consistently changing and adapting. Cath loves to break this information down and present it to the teachers in an understandable way. 

Elise Walton ECE Teacher

Elise grew up in Nelson and has spent her whole life here. She left Nayland College in 2010 and has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Teaching. Along with her family she is a huge Liverpool FC fan and played soccer through most of her school years. Elise works in the Early Explorers she is the PLD leader and supports the transition to school process as her passions lie in these areas. Her and her husband James live in Richmond with their baby boy and their two grey hounds Frankie and Charlie. Elise is a fully certificated teacher as well.


Erin Rush ECE Teacher

Erin is a fully certificated teacher, she is the team leader in the Early Explorers class. She is married and lives in Richmond with her husband. Erin really loves messy and sensory play and will set up activities that actively encourage the children to participate. Erin has worked in ECE for the past 7 years four of which have been in Christchurch. Erin loves our dress up days and especially loves Christmas and all the fun that can be had at this time.

Pip Rainbow Teacher

Pip is a mother of two beautiful children. Pip works with the Early Explorers,  Pip is an experienced teacher who has a natural appreciation for children of all ages and feels privileged to assist in their development. She began her study towards a bachelor in early childhood education in 2020. Pip has been working at Kiwi Explorers for 7 years now and really enjoys the team environment and being a part of the children's lives. She always finds new and creative ideas for the children to do and loves to observe their interactions with each other.

Paige Fergusson

Paige works at Little Kiwi Explorers and is in the third year of her training to complete a Bachelor of Teaching in ECE. Paige loves music and sets up amazing activities for all the children.

Emily Stalker ECE Teacher

Emily works in the Early Explorers classroom and loves that age group. She enjoys finding activities that stimulate the children's interests and are also beneficial to them especially as they prepare for school. Emily is Mum to two beautiful boys who she loves spending time with, she also loves playing netball and is very good at it. Emily holds a degree in ECE teaching

Hannah Stewart Teacher

Hannah works part time in the Junior Explorers. She lives in Brightwater and has two children a husband and a fluffy cat! Hannah is passionate about children's learning and development and always has their best interests at heart. Hannah loves to set up activities for the children that extends their learning and exploration of the wider world.

Abbie Willetts ECE Teacher

Abbie has joined the Kiwi Explorers team after working at other centres in Nelson, she has a calm pleasant nature and is awesome with the children. Abbie is a fully certificated teacher who trained with Te Tari Puna Ora o Aotearoa. She works with the Junior Explorers and has lots of fun activities to share with them. Abbie loves to watch the children form the different friendships and likes to help these develop by working alongside the children in a caring responsive manner. She has really enjoys setting up PMP activities for the children and extending their skills in this area.

Susan Tonks ECE Teacher

Susan is a qualified ECE teacher and after working in the Junior Explorers team she has moved over to the Little Explorers team where she has fit right in and is really enjoying this age group. Susan grew up in Wellington and trained as a primary school teacher. She has lived in Nelson for the last 18 years. Whilst in Nelson Susan retrained as an ECE teacher and has taught for 8 years in ECE and private nannied for 6 years. She is celebrating the challenge of being back in a centre environment as young children are her passion and she loves to observe them exploring, learning, developing thinking and creating and then guiding, supporting and scaffolding them in that learning journey.

Sue Bruce ECE Teacher

Sue moved to NZ from the UK in 2007 and lives in Richmond. She has worked in ECE for 22 years and holds a degree in ECE teaching. Sue enjoys reading, gardening, walks at the beach and spending time with family and friends. She works with the Junior Explorers and enjoys sharing stories, songs and fun games with the children. The children really enjoy the mat times that Sue prepares for them and you will usually find a large group of children attending them.

Jess Arnold ECE Teacher

Jess has joined us after completing working as a nanny in Ireland. Jess is originally from Nelson and works in the Early Explorers class. She has a passion for transition to school and has been helping out in this area. Jess likes to get involved in the children's interests and extends upon these to plan amazing activities for all the children.

Amanda Stoddart ECE Teacher

Amanda is a fully certificated and registered teacher who is the team leader of the Little Explorers. Amanda has worked in ECE since 1998, she grew up in the Waikato and moved to Nelson in 2003. Amanda lives in Stoke with her husband and their three children. In her spare time, Amanda likes to go running, bike riding, and going on family adventures. Amanda has made strong relationships with the tamariki and whanau during her time working at Both Kiwi and Little Kiwi Explorers. She loves the team culture and passion at both centres and brings a wealth of knowledge with her.


Emma Inch ECE Teacher

Emma  is the Team Leader of the Junior Explorers. She is from a farm in Harwarden, North Canterbury and came to Nelson for boarding school in 2011. She nows lives in Nelson and has two pet bunnies. Emma loves being adventurous and loves the outdoors. She is loving working at Kiwi Explorers and feels that it has opened her up to become a more confident passionate teacher. Children are her passion and she feels very lucky to be a teacher. She loves to watch children grow and flourish whilst working alongside them.

Rebekah Cook ECE Teacher 

Rebekah has worked in ECE since 1997 and has been working at Little Kiwi Explorers since late 2017, initially as a reliever before moving into a permanent teaching role. She is a fully certificated and qualified teacher. Rebekah has lived in Nelson all her life and is married with a teenage daughter. She enjoys reading, walking and yoga and is also a qualified careers advisor. Rebekah enjoys being part of the team at Little Kiwi Explorers and forming strong relationships with the children in her care and their whanau.

Wendy Linden Teacher

Wendy is a permanent part time teacher in the Junior Explorers. Originally from Wales Wendy has lots of exciting activities to share with the children. You will always find Wendy with a happy smile on her face playing with the children and setting up activities that follow their interests.

Katherine Rackley Teacher

Katherine is a member of the Little Kiwi Team and works there part time 3 days a week. She is also willing to help in any of the other rooms if needed. Katherine forms great bonds with the children and supports the teachers with their key children's daily routines.

Manu Wikaira Teacher

Manu has developed a passion for teaching in ECE has begun his bachelor in early childhood education. Manu works in the Early Explorers and has lots of fun filled games with the children. You can often see Manu running around jumping and playing with the children outside. 

Penny Rusbatch Teacher

Penny is a nurturing and caring unqualified teacher who has a passion for working with children.  Penny has spent 15 years in the Early Childcare industry and looks forward to many more.  Penny enjoys camping, cycling reading, and spending time with family and friends. Penny works with the Little Explorers and enjoys the varied work that she does.

Puna Wikaira  Teacher

Puna began working at Kiwi Explorers as a reliever in both centres, this slowly turned into part time work within the Early Explorers and Junior Explorers classrooms. Puna is now working four days a week in the Junior Explorers and loves being a part of the team. She is studying towards doing her teaching degree in 2021 and is really enjoying being a part of the team environment that Kiwi Explorers has to offer. Puna has enjoyed learning about the children and watching the way they develop and grow. She will be often found dancing and singing with them as they explore the creativeness in all of them and she develops their self confidence.

Aliya Stuart ECE Teacher

Aliya moved to NZ from Russia. She has completed her graduate diploma in ECE. Aliya has a daughter  and two sons.  Aliya enjoys learning about other cultures, travelling, and spending time with children teaching them new things and also learning from them. She works at the Little Kiwi Centre and has some amazing activities that she does with the children. Aliya has also been involved sports at the highest level as she has been part of the russian olympic canoe slalom team.

Tash Dunn ECE Teacher

Tash is a trained teacher who studied ECE at Te Rito Maioha and qualified in April 2016. Tash works in the Little Explorers. She has always had a passion for working with children, and particularly enjoys working with infants and toddlers. Tash is very creative and finds amazing activities for the children to do, she also makes a lot of resources to use with the children.